CreativeX has a Content API that allows for the automated creation of preflights. This API can be used for integrations with DAM’s (Digital Asset Management tools), media creation tools, and other platforms where creative evaluation is necessary.

At a high level, a Content API user can upload a set of assets to a provided pre-signed URL. After providing the necessary attributes (ex: Brand, Market, Channel), the preflight is created and CreativeX begins its evaluation process. Within 24 hours, the user is notified via webhook that the asset evaluation is complete and is provided with all of the relevant scoring data. This data can then be ingested into and utilized by DAM’s or other media creation tools.

DAM Integrations

One of the most popular uses for our content API is enabling DAM (Digital Asset Management) integrations. DAM systems help organizations efficiently organize, manage, distribute, and analyze digital assets. A DAM often serves as the central hub where creative agencies and other asset producers upload completed creative assets so that marketing and media teams can then utilize and publish them.

Since a DAM acts as a gateway for the publishing of creative assets, an integration with CreativeX enables clients to ensure that all of their assets meet creative excellence standards.

A DAM integration with CreativeX Pre-Flight can automatically analyze and score every relevant asset uploaded into the DAM, display that data right within the DAM, and add measures to ensure that only assets above a certain criteria are published to the DAM.

Key Features

  • Integration creates a direct pipeline to CreativeX for asset preflight evaluation
  • Asset evaluation results are available both in the CreativeX platform and as part of the asset metadata in the DAM
  • A “stage-gate” can be set up so that only assets with a CreativeX Score above a certain threshold may be published to the DAM

User Experience

  • User uploads assets to the pre-publishing area of DAM and inputs required metadata (brand, market, channel, asset id, etc.)
  • One of two options can now begin the evaluation process:
    • The assets can be automatically uploaded to CreativeX for evaluation.
    • User clicks ‘Publish to CreativeX’ button within the DAM and assets are uploaded to CreativeX for evaluation.
  • CreativeX runs a preflight evaluation on the assets within 24 hours.
  • Assets are sent back to the DAM with CreativeX Score and new metadata (creative excellence score, adherence to each guideline, etc.).
  • User receives an email notification from CreativeX notifying them that the evaluation has been completed.
  • User reviews CreativeX feedback in the DAM and clicks ‘Publish to the DAM’:
    • If the CreativeX Score is above X, the asset can be published to the DAM
    • If the CreativeX Score is below X, the asset will require additional approval or other steps may be taken.

Technical Workflow

Here is a visual representation of the user flow:


Once development has started, this integration takes 8-10 weeks to complete on average, since the CreativeX Reporting API is a standard API. This timeline is dependent on the client’s technical team and their availability to work on this.

If custom work is required from the CreativeX engineering team, then the development start will be dependent on the roadmap and resource availability. Please inform the CreativeX team regarding any custom development.